What a Great Place To Live! I fell in love with the area...

It was a business trip that brought Vicki to Chicago for the first time in 1990 --and the people she met here made her stay permanently. "The sense of family here made me feel at home immediately," she says. As summer turned to fall, Vicki marveled at the beautiful colors. And as she experienced her first winter, she realized how festive the holidays could be. "Having snow on the ground makes it feel much more like Christmas," she says.

Even though Vicki has experienced many more change of seasons over the years, her love for this area hasn't changed. The excitement of nearby Chicago, the neighborhoods where people really know their neighbors, and the Midwest's work ethic have all been embraced by her --and put to excellent use in her real estate work.

I would love to share my area with you. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call or text me at 847-274-1533 or email me. You can count on Vic to get back to you quick.

Arlington Heights

Northwest Suburbs and Chicago Area Overview

Utilities and Much More for Chicagoland Communities- This invaluable site has utility company phone numbers by town, school district phone numbers, links to community websites and transfer tax information

Transfer Taxes and Inspections - Find out which communities charge transfer taxes, how much and if they require municipal inspections

School Information

I believe schools are an important part of the real estate equation. There are many different ways to evaluate schools both by the numbers and subjectively. I will do my best to get you the information you need to evaluate and compare schools.

Below you will find links that have been helpful to my clients over the years. The most often requested information is the school report card. Another often requested bit of information is how schools compare across the country. The second link does a nice job of giving you a look at how schools compare. The other links help you find various types of schools and activities.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call or text me at 847-274-1533 or email me. You can count on Vic to get back to you quick.

School Links and Information

Get School Report Cards Illinois State Board of Education -An in-depth report on numerous variables including test scores of each school. Illinois has mandatory report cards which help you evaluate and compare schools. This is the number one requested school link
llinois Elementary School Association- Looking for information about sports and extracurriculars in elementary schools, start here
Illinois High School Association- Looking for information about sports and extracurriculars in High Schools, start here
Illinois Colleges- Illinois has a strong university and community college system, you can use this link to find colleges close to where you are searching
Catholic Schools in the Chicagoland area - Chicago and the suburbs have many fine Catholic schools, this link will help you find the school closest to you

Entertainment and Food

What's happening in Chicagoland- Daily guide to where to eat, entertainment, what's happening in Chicago and the suburbs

Illinois Department of Natural Resources- For outdoor enthusiasts find out about parks, outdoor recreation, regulations and licenses

Getting Around

METRA- Train Service for the North Shore, Northwest Suburbs and surrounding Chicago suburban communities includes routes, schedules fares, etc.

IDOT- The Illinois Department of Transportation provides traffic and road construction information

Pace Bus - North Shore, Northwest Suburbs and Chicago area bus service includes routes, schedules fares, etc.

Chicago Airport Information- Get the latest flight information at Chicago's two airports

Milwaukee Airport Information- Milwaukee's Mitchell Field can offer an alternative to Chicago's airports especially for the Northern Suburbs and Lake County